Law Office “CAKRA ARSYAD & Co.” (abbreviated as CA & Co.) which is registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Directorate General of General Legal Administration with Number AHU-0001567-AH.01.22 Year 2019 and is engaged in legal services for people who are determined to work professionally and are supported by qualified personnel in the field of business law and experience in the world of litigation (proceeding in court) and committed to law enforcement intends to offer legal protection and services. Besides that, we also established a legal aid agency for the East Java region, which we named LBH PADJATI.

In 2018, Managing Director of CA & Co. previously joined by the name MSS & Co., which is based at Gedung Bimantara 20th floor (Now MNC Building) on ​​Kebon Sirih Street, Central Jakarta. In 2011, the Managing Director opened a law office called Cakra WK. Arsyad & Partners at Centris BP Migas 6th floor build., in the area of ​​Kuningan street, Central Jakarta. In 2013, the Managing Director and his sister opened the law office of Arsyad Arsyad & Co., then in 2015, CA & Co., was founded to be precise on the date October 22nd 2015, based on the Notary Deed of NADIRA, SH, No. 05, formerly located at Kompleks Ruko Wijaya Kusuma 1, Wijaya Kusuma Street, Sooko – Mojokerto, and currently domiciled at 33, Mayjend Sungkono Street, Sawunggaling, Wonokromo, Surabaya – 60242, JAWA TIMUR.

CA & Co., has a commitment to participate in upholding the honor of the advocate profession for proper law enforcement and realizing legal justice for justice seekers.

CA & C0., Is a Law Firm founded with the vision of “Providing Justice for a Justice Seeking Society.” and has a main vision to provide optimal legal services to clients in a professional manner.

Our office is highly dedicated and always works based on professionalism and is subject to the advocate’s code of ethics based on Advocad Law Number 18 of 2003., in providing legal services to clients, where the main measure of success is client satisfaction. To achieve client satisfaction, pay close attention to the problems, needs and goals of the client. Thus, the commitment to provide the best legal services to clients through the optimization of legal knowledge and skills is truly realized.

Advocates and Legal Consultants Team :

  1. Cakra Wijaya Kusuma, S.H.,M.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Kepailitan dan Konstitusi)
  2. Puspa Pahlupi, S.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan Peradilan Anak)
  3. Sahrur Romadhona, S.H.,M.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama, TUN dan Hubungan Industrial)
  4. DR. Fahmi H. Bachmid, S.H.,M.Hum. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama, TUN dan Konstitusi)
  5. I. Sahrial Muharam, S.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan Perburuhan)
  6. Dody Boy Fena Loza, S.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan HKI)
  7. Roy R. Ondang, S.H.,M.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan Pertanahan)
  8. Usman, S.H.,M.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan Pertanahan)
  9. Hendra A, S.H. (Pidana, Perdata, Agama dan Pertanahan)

Staff / Employees :

  1. Gilang Permana (Secretary)
  2. Putri Februari. (Finance)
  3. Irham Yusuf (Operation Manager)

Organizational Structure: